Q: What is the difference between Melamine & HPL? 
A: HPL or High Pressure Laminate: Multiple layers of kraft paper, bonded with phenolic resins and coated with a plastic melamine facing in manufacturing at a pressure of 1,400 psi. It is sold individually and typically laminated onto a composite wood panel such as particleboard or MDF. 

Melamine: Also known as “low pressure laminate” or “direct pressure laminate”, is a single decorative paper bonded directly to a substrate board. Melamine refers to the resin used to impregnate the paper.

Q: Where can I find the SDS or Technical Data Sheet for your products?
A: These documents are available in our Resources Section under SDS or Technical Data.

Q: What is tensile strength?  
A: Tensile strength measures the stress a material can withstand without permanent deformation.