Environmental Policy


We are committed to preserving our world for future generations by wisely managing our resources. One of our guiding principles is Stewardship, which we define as managing our resources proactively and intentionally. We seek to be good stewards of not only the assets on our books, but of the natural assets all around us, especially those impacted by our day-to-day business. In keeping with this commitment, we have resolved to actively reduce our environmental impact until we reach our goal of 'Zero Footprint' in the following areas:

  • Waste Management: Our goal is to reduce our waste-to-landfill to 0 tons by 2025

  • Non-Renewable Energy Usage: Our goal is to reduce our overall energy usage and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050

  • Safety Incidents: Our goal is to have 0 OSHA recordable safety incidents every year

At Richwood, we are proud to partner with our customers and our vendors in the effort to work together to reduce our industry's footprint. A few of the ways we do this are collaborating on process improvements, sharing knowledge on environmental product certifications, and sourcing and providing sustainable raw materials.

If your company is interested in partnering with us in this work, please contact our Customer Service Dept. at customerservice@richwoodind.com.

Richwood Environmental Action Plan

See below for our current certifications or our product pages for information about specific products.

FSC –  Chain of Custody 

GreenGuard Certification