Our History



Richwood was founded as a distributor of composite panel products and solid wood components. Our first 10 years were blessed with steady growth that required four physical moves to accommodate our changing business requirements.


Richwood purchased Accutech Components, Inc., its largest vendor and manufacturer of many of the components that Richwood sold. We operated out of the two separate facilities for two years.


Richwood purchased our current facility, which was the site of the first Kmart Super Store. The building was extensively renovated and upgraded to meet the requirements of manufacturing and distribution. We moved into the new facility the end of 1999, combining our operations under one roof again.


Richwood purchased Pacific Coating and Laminating, a Kelso, WA based manufacturer of a wide variety of impregnated backer sheets and other paper related products and services.

2002 – 2004

Richwood ran the PCL operation remotely by shuttling staff between Grand Rapids and Kelso. During this period, all of the noncore products and services were divested of, allowing us to focus on the development and growth of our primary and proprietary PolyBak™ product line.


We made an extensive investment in and commitment to lean manufacturing at our Grand Rapids plant. This yielded enough space to move the now down sized Kelso, WA operations to Grand Rapids. Once again, all operations were under one roof.


Richwood continues to develop and refine our product and service mix to meet the ever changing needs of our customers