A 3-ply Corkboard with 1/8" premium cork veneer adhered to BIN Softboard with a backing sheet. By combining premium cork veneer with our Softboard, we developed an economical solution to the problem of “too thin” vs. “too expensive” corkboard. With a ½” nominal thickness, push pins are able to insert to their base, forming a more secure hold without layering the expensive cork veneer.. This eco-friendly tackable solution is great for both residential and institutional settings.



  • Face: 1/8" Premium Cork Veneer
  • Core: 3/8" BIN Softboard
  • Back: Paper backer
  • Thicknesses Available: Nominal ½"
  • Sheet Size: 4' x 8'


  • Bulletin Boards
  • Corkboard / Tackable Panels in office systems
  • Framed applications
  • Primary industries: Office, Healthcare, Education,
    Contract furniture, residential furniture

Key Advantages:

  • Consistent thickness
  • ½" tackable thickness allows most tacks and push pins to be fully inserted
  • Sealed back
  • Durable


  • Cork Veneer: Naturally self-healing, sustainable material
  • Core: FSC® Mix Credit Softboard